Production of accessories and springs for roller shutters and blinds. Cutting of steel and aluminium coils and strips


The Naysteel® spring box substitutes the classic steel or nylon ball system with a single selflubricating nylon component, reducing the risk of breakage from wear and tear or continuous loads.
The certified materials’ quality and a highly automated production guarantee high quality and consistent standards over time.

Scatola NaySteel

Why choose Naysteel?:
• Certified for 10,000 cycles
• Tested in our laboratory for over 150,000 cycles
• Silent
• Guaranteed performance even with anomalous tube bending
• Possibility to reduce the spring box holder for 60 mm tubes to 48 or 42 mm tubes

The Naysteel® spring box, having at its core a single self-lubricating nylon block, is capable of withstanding both constant weight of the shutter as well as continuous movement on the tubing, all
without damaging or cutting it.
An original product, customizable and certified. 100% Made in Italy.

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